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With that concept now under pressure, is a good time for this classic to be rereleased in UK cinemas.

The film begins with a sensational flourish: a nuclear explosion that destroys a solar system. The starlit expanse, the intertitles, the distant detonation, the huge quasi-senatorial valhalla, all hint at where George Lucas got ideas for the Star Wars movies.

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He has presumably been attacking German cities, and it has to be noticed that Germans are not represented here, either in this world, or the next. June and Peter fall in love at that moment.

The miracle is that Peter seems to survive, staggering out of the sea. Yet an emissary from heaven, in the form of a dandified pre-revolutionary French aristocrat played by Marius Goring, informs Peter that his survival is a mere clerical error and he is expected back in the afterlife right away. Peter complains that now he has fallen in love he is entitled to remain below.

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Five reasons to watch A Matter of Life and Death – Powell & Pressburger’s otherworldly masterpiece

A huge trial is in prospect, and a prosecuting counsel is chosen: American revolutionary veteran Abraham Farlan Raymond Massey , who intends to argue that this decadent Brit has no business with a good American girl. Frank believes that these heavenly visions are delusions caused by his brain injury and everything — or almost everything — is consistent with that rational explanation. But how did Peter survive the fall?

Counterintuitively, the heaven scenes are in black and white and Earth is in colour. Even down on Earth, and without the angelic visits, things have a distinct surreality. He is like the voice and eye of an all-seeing God.

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And perhaps the most extraordinary moment comes when Peter encounters a naked young goatherd on the beach: it is this figure — like someone from a late Shakespeare play, such as The Tempest — who tells Peter that he is back on Earth. So what does this film have to say about the special relationship? In this way the film contrasts the energy and vitality of life and love with the slightly musty sterility of the 'next world' - as the gloriously camp Conductor 71 Marius Goring puts it on his first arrival on Earth, "One is starved for Technicolor up there".

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Show full synopsis. Matter of Life and Death, A Waiting for Peter Conductor 71 Camera Obscura On the stairway The trial Production designs.

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Production stills. Monthly Film Bulletin review. Byron, Kathleen Cardiff, Jack Colleano, Bonar Goehr, Walter Goring, Marius Gray, Allan Heckroth, Hein