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Around the world in 80 ways

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They just wrote a line in the script to explain it. Director MacLean had difficulties finding suitable actors for the kind of comedy he wanted to do - perhaps the most comparable style would be the farces made by Preston Sturges. The film sat on the shelf for several years before it got a very short and limited domestic release - it was in fact given a limited release in the United States before it was released in Australia, and while it received some favourable reviews, it also failed to do business there.

As it happened, the film was released in the US first. A deal had been struck with the Alive distribution company, but, unfortunately, by the time the film went into release, the executive who had made the deal, and who liked the picture, had left and his replacement was unsympathetic.

Nevertheless, Around the World … was warmly received at the World Film Festival in Montreal, and got mostly favourable reviews from American critics.

Survivor's Boston Rob Mariano To Travel Around The World In 80 Ways For History Channel

Some months later, when it opened in Australia, it failed to attract a large audience, despite generally positive reviews. McCall Jr. Sheila Benson, the very respected critic for the Los Angeles Times, felt that Stephen was the greatest director of farce since Preston Sturges, who was one of the great American directors of that genre of cinema …". You know, from what he has told me he had f airly humble beginnings, suburban beginnings, a you know crazy gay guy in suburban Australia, he had to escape, like Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz, like Roly Davis in Around the World in 80 Ways, and like Angus Mullins in Star Struck ….

He had a very love-hate relationship with Australia and I think hate more predominately … he liked to observe us from afar … and I think you know in that sense Around the World in 80 Ways is very fitting you know because it was about being somewhere else while you were in Australia … if that makes sense In July , David Elfick at Palm Beach Pictures announced that Cameron Mcintosh had optioned the rights to the work with a view to developing the show as a stage musical, but nothing further had happened by time of writing.

Producer David Elfick was tortured by the selection of titles for his feature films, citing the difficulties he had with Emoh Ruo , Our Home spelt backwards, which had been derived from the s Sydney Sun cartoonist Emile Mercer. Mercer specialised in having Emoh Ruo houses and tins of gravy mentioned somewhere in his cartoons.

Ah, that was a problem. Around the World in 80 Ways is a sexual term that means you know you do everything that you can think of sexually, and apparently there was some porn titles that had the same title Around the World in 80 Ways so that …ah … never use a pun. The film carries a copyright notice for the year , and this site dates films to their year of production rather than release many 10BA era films never gained any form of theatrical release.

The penultimate song, an Otis Redding number, is performed by Jane Markey "Miserable" Midge , though the credits attribute the vocal to singer Renee Geyer. The last song, The Big Twist , by composer Chris Neal, performed by the film's in house The Tutti Fruttis , which runs over the tail credits, has these lyrics:. To music emanating from his ghetto blaster, Wally Davis Philip Quast is working sorting bananas at his big banana when a postman Jack Allan arrives with a letter from his mother.

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Not a pretty situation, and only one option. The camera pans from the rundown Davis house to a grand inner city mansion …. We see Mavis working out in the backyard next to a dunny as Roly totters around Mum refused to be bitter, but Dad, he developed galloping senility, which was about all that galloped around there … Roly blowing out a banana candle on the veranda, then lighting a cigarette ….

Yep, the old boy went downhill … his legs, his eyesight faded, he was off the planet …he parted with his senses … Roly tosses the cigarette lighter over his shoulder and shatters the window, Mavis does a beat …. In Dr. As Roly asks where Mavis is, the airport departure board ticks over for assorted QF flights …. Eddie is farewelling a nervous Mavis, as Wally rocks up to the airport in his banana wagon …. Moffatt explains he wanted to surprise her. Eddie bonds with Nurse Ophelia as they discuss how Roly had started to bore himself to death.

Next visit Nurse Ophelia is reading a Moffatt postcard - from the land of the gushing geyser - as Eddie arrives. Wally starts tossing clothes out of the wardrobe and discovers a blow up doll in red lingerie. Eddie mixes the ambient sounds of hula, guitar, crowds and surf … and Roly sips on a pineapple …. Hoop de doo, another clipper class fare down the drain, moans Roly. Probably looks like the back of one. Most nurses do. Wally races over, grabbing Ophelia and hand gagging her, and dragging her off into a shed. Meanwhile, Moffatt and Mavis are being welcomed by hula girls at an airport that looks suspiciously like the one at Mascot.

Next fantasy scene for Roly sees Ophelia at night cavorting and dancing with fire stick, along with Eddie and Wally. Ophelia mentions that Mavis said he was a great dancer, and Wally, with another fake accent, prises Roly from his hammock. Meanwhile, Moffatt is having a shot of whisky and flossing his teeth, as Mavis tries on a variety of frocks. But when Mavis opens the interconnecting door between suites, Moffatt is asleep on his bed, the plate of food resting on his thighs ….

Mavis sneaks over to get some, but Moffatt rolls over and the food crashes to the floor. Meanwhile, with feast on Moffatt table, Ophelia is giving Roly a back massage, and Wally, in fake voice, announces a telegram has arrived. Eddie reads it, and it tells of Mavis and Moffatt trapped on Maui due to a volcanic eruption, and then safely airlifted to Las Vegas…. Ophelia and Eddie wheel Roly through the house, now with the sound track of an airport. Roly says one things been puzzling him since they got there … do the locals pronounce it Hawaii or Havvyyie?

After Roly's got his ticket, Wally thanks the dry cleaning woman - Roly loves pretendies, Wally explains.

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  6. At a supermarket, Eddie seizes the moment to give Ophelia a kiss on the lips, as Roly listens to his earphones and marvels at the way they take the tensions out of airports. Eddie explains to Roly that this is passport control, reassuring him their visas are in order. Roly grabs the checkout chick Kaarin Fairfax and says he wants to say a farewell aloha to her and her people …. As the wagon cruises along the Sydney freeway and Ophelia prepares an in-flight meal, Roly hints at the reason for the tension with Wally:. Roly: "Have we got stewards or stewardesses? Then they head to another industrial area for touch down, and land in what they assure Roly is spectacular Las Vegas, Nevada ….

    With Wally now doing a heavy American accent, a roller door is lifted and Roly says he can see the light. Roly is guided past assorted Moffatt dummies at table, while Ophelia fits him out with a mask - it being like a masked ball. Roly gets to a poker machine, while Wally puts on a stage show, helped to bulk up the numbers by an array of mirrors. Putting on strong glasses, Roly smiles as he can just make out the dancing figures - complete with sort of dildo-projections hanging from breasts …. Wally whispers to Eddie to get more tapes and to beef up the sound, but when Eddie heads out to a car, Midge turns up with a torch.

    Midge looks doubtful. Outside Midge is still interrogating Eddie, asking about his dad in the Twilight Home. Meanwhile, Wally has arranged for Roly to score a jackpot at the poker machine, pouring the coins out of a bucket. One woman, Chikita Carol Lopez asks if Australians talk through their noses on account of squinting in the sun all day and then they offer her a line as a way of opening her nostrils.

    Elvis is now in a slow number and when he invites a lady on stage, Mavis gives a whistle, and clambers up, then flings herself on him. Cut to Roly leading the first dance with Ophelia and getting a good feel of her exposed back.

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    Later Eddie turns up in the hotel room to explain that Mavis saw Elvis the previous night … and then left for Rome before he could find her…. As Eddie and Ophelia romp, Roly clings to the hope that the croupier fella told him his casino chips were worth thousands. And ya know what that is! Then Mavis discovers a coat, and Moffatt explains Lotte kindly dropped it by for her to wear.

    And there was nasty me thinking she was a bitch, says Mavis, as she slides on the coat, swinging the door open to catch the pair in flagrante delicto. And Roly rotting away in that revolting home Wally, dressed as an Italian waiter, arrives to start setting the table for a meal, but Roly wants to get going to the hotel where Mavis is staying, the Monticelli …. Eddie says he forgot about presents five years ago. Roly says that when they get back home he wants Eddie to show Nurse Cox that choo choo …. Ophelia laughs at a toy train doing the rounds in front of them, and then they kiss ….

    Around the World in Eighty

    Roly wakes as Ophelia and Eddie are now in bed making love to the sounds of the choo choo and the Italian song …. Roly gets up and pushes away his walker - bugger that - and gets a walking stick out of his suitcase. Much ado about anything! Now the trio are looking for Roly … with Wally wondering how long Ophelia and Eddie have been on the job. They spot on the bridge, and rush up, with Wally speaking bad Italian and Ophelia asking how he got there. Roly pretends … explaining he walked past the desk and across the piazza and through the lobby like anyone else….