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Tighe was born in Denmark in to Therian parents, and named Lars.

When he was nine, his mother had a premonition of a Mage attack and took Tighe to a Therian friend who had married a human a few years before and lived in a human village. A few months later, the Therian died mysteriously of what he would later believe to have been Mage magic. Of his Therian enclave, he alone had been spared. When Tighe was fifteen, a human niece of his foster father's came to live with them. Her name was Gretchen and Tighe fell in love. They married three years later and had one child, a daughter, Amalie. The children of a mortal-immortal union can be either, and Amalie was mortal.

When Amalie was five, Tighe woke with the marks of a Feral Warrior across his chest after a strange dream. The next time he looked on his wife with desire, his eyes changed to those of an animal, a tiger, terrifying her. But Gretchen never gave him the chance to explain, believing he was a demon. The villagers ran him out of town and he never saw his wife or daughter again. A year and a half later, he found the Feral Warriors and their Radiant deep in the highlands of Scotland and shifted fully for the first time, into a fifteen-foot Bengal tiger.

Paenther was born in into the human Tauxenent tribe on the Potomac. His mother was human, his father was half-Therian and immortal.

Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer

At his birth, his Tauxenent grandmother, the tribe's seer, predicted he would someday walk the earth as both panther and man. He was named Black Panther. His father thought it time for him to learn the ways of the Therians and they needed his help protecting the enclaves against the Mage who had followed the Therians across the Atlantic from Europe.

In , Black Panther was marked as the next Feral Warrior, his feral marks appearing across one eye. But as he made his way to Feral House, he came upon a young woman being accosted by two men. He came to her aid, only to discover he'd fallen into a trap. The lovely young woman, Ancreta, was a Mage witch determined to pry his animal spirit from his body. For long months he endured her torture alongside two other newly-marked Ferals, one of whom would become Vhyper. But the damage done to him by Ancreta never fully healed. And his hatred of all things Mage burned inside him like a never-ending flame.

Jag was born in in a small Therian enclave on the Hudson River in what would later be called New York. Jag, who was known as John before he was marked, was a rebellious, head-strong child. His mother, Cordelia, was well over eight hundred years old when he was born, had never particularly wanted a child, and didn't know how to handle him. Though she loved him, she was by turns demanding and neglectful and it fell to the entire enclave to raise him.

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When Jag was fourteen, he was seduced by a human teen, entering the carnal world of adults forbidden to young Therians until the age of twenty-five. But already known as the enclave's trouble-maker, he could see no reason to start obeying the rules when he'd found such a marvelous reason to break them. For two years, he snuck down to the human village whenever he could, and met the girls. Until one day, when he was sixteen, his mother, Cordelia, followed. She caught him with a girl in the barn and tried to drag him home. But Jag, still in the throes of passion, pushed her away just as several human men came to investigate the commotion.

Cordelia fell against the wall, cutting her face. But a Therian heals almost instantly and the men were certain they'd found a witch. The men grabbed her and dragged her out of the barn. Jag assumed they meant to throw her out of the village. Instead, they tied her to a stake and set her on fire. By the time Jag realized what they had in mind, it was too late. He tried to reach her, but in the struggle he, too, was cut and healed too quickly.

They turned on him and he ran. They chased him for hours, but he finally escaped and returned to the Therian enclave just as dark was falling. And he knew that if the fire hadn't already killed her, the draden soon would. Jag blamed himself bitterly, and didn't try to defend himself or his actions when the enclave's leader beat him soundly, calling him a selfish, cold-hearted bastard.

No one could have been angrier with him than he was with himself. The enclave was his home, his family, and there were those who knew he hadn't let his mother die on purpose. They knew there was nothing he could have done to save her.

Desire Untamed (Feral Warriors #1)

But Jag wouldn't listen to words of comfort or forgiveness. He pushed the others away, doing anything and everything to earn their anger. He wanted them to hate him as badly as he hated himself. Six months later, he left the enclave and became a strong hunter and an excellent draden fighter. He was welcomed at any enclave for his skills, but the poison inside him eventually turned others against him, and invariably, he was asked to move on. Sixty years later, he was marked to become the next jaguar shifter.

He didn't want it, didn't think he deserved it, but the need for radiance was too strong and he eventually made his way to Feral House. Even Jag couldn't resist the call. Spoiler Alert!

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Scroll down at your own peril Beware, reading on will explain things that are revealed in the course of reading The Feral Warriors books. The Cantric - the braided copper circle implanted in young Mage upon maturity to help them boost their magic. Daemon Blade - the enchanted blade in which Satanan and his Daemon horde are imprisoned. Daemons - the true enemies of all the creatures of the earth, both mortal and immortal. Five millennia ago, the Daemons and their leader, Satanan, were imprisoned in an enchanted blade. If they're ever again free, all hell will break loose on Earth.

Goddess Stone - the large, flat rock high on the cliffs over the Potomac River where the Earths' energies are the strongest.

It's here the Feral Warriors and their Radiant are best able to call on the powers of the Earth. Going feral - the term referring to the in-between stage between man and beast where a Feral Warrior is able to access his wilder nature without fully shifting. Only eyes change and fangs and claws erupt. Mage - a race of magic-wielding immortals and the natural rivals of the shape-shifters.

Therians - the immortal race that were once the mighty shape-shifters. In order to imprison Satanan and his horde all those years ago, the Therians were forced to mortgage most of their power. Only one of each of the ancient animal lines was able to retain the power of his beast and the ability to shift. Now most Therians are immortal, but otherwise little different from their mortal cousins, the humans. Need a refresher? Below are complete synopses of each of the Feral Warriors novels, in order.

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The Feral Warriors have lost their Radiant. The old one has been dead for six months and the new one, a Therian female marked by the goddess, has yet to come forward. Almost too late, Lyon realizes she must be out of range of his senses.

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Not until the ritual is nearly complete do they realize the knife used, brought by the youngest Feral, Fox, was the Demon Blade, the very blade that imprisons Satanan and his horde. When her dying mother admits Kara is not her true daughter, Kara realizes neither she nor her world are what she thought they were. The only way to get to the truth is to go Lyon. Lyon becomes her anchor, the only one she trusts to keep her safe.

Lyon tries to keep his mind and hands off the pretty new Radiant, for her mate is pre-ordained and will be revealed during the Pairing Ceremony. But as he prepares her for the ceremony, his control snaps and he kisses her passionately, admitting to himself that he hopes to be chosen as her mate.

But the ceremony pairs her with Vhyper. Kara is devastated. When Kara runs away from Hawke, determined to return home and leave this nightmare, Lyon catches her and is forced to take on the job himself. Only in death will another be chosen. Without their Radiant, the Ferals will weaken and eventually die. When Kara cries out from one of her nightmares, Lyon comforts her, holding her until she falls asleep again. When she awakes, soft and wanting him, he nearly makes love to her until he grips her hip and feels a Mage cantric buried deep in her flesh.

Their enemy. He cuts out the cantric and loses the last of his own control to a feral rage. Kara flees the room and Feral House, in pain, betrayed by the one she trusted most. Too late, she remembers the draden, and watches as a cloud comes for her, preparing to steal her life force.

He races after her, snatches her out of the claws of certain death as he drags her to the goddess rock and calls a Feral circle to keep out the draden. Back at Feral House, he locks her in the prison while they decide her fate.