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This eight week program will have you moving more throughout your day, trying new activities, and adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals. Register now and receive your free fitness passes.

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Exercise tip of the week — [ Calling all Indoor Enthusiasts! Join the Summer Fitness Challenge! You can also add team members as guests in your challenge registration, including family, friends, or colleagues. Unsweetened coconut water also provides electrolytes and makes a great way to stay hydrated on a warm summer day.

Even on overcast days, you might get more sun exposure than you realize. Likewise, swimming in a pool or lake exposes you to the sun. You might not feel its effects until later. Like many things, balance is key to sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiencies affect almost half of the population or one billion people worldwide, across all ethnicities and age groups.

These deficiencies can contribute to various diseases.

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On the other hand, sufficient amounts of vitamin D can benefit numerous conditions including several cancers, cardiovascular disease, fracture prevention, and mental health. Sun exposure becomes a great way to get more of this vitamin , but increased rates of skin cancer in many developed countries make sun over exposure a serious concern.

To reduce sun overexposure while still getting enough of this essential vitamin, consider a vitamin D supplement. Outdoor fitness becomes a great way to get more sun exposure to meet your vitamin D quota, but a little bit goes a long way.

Mondays: May to September, 7:00PM-8:00PM

Balance is key. Consider 15—20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure daily and then use a sunscreen to prevent sunburn or poison if you stay outdoors longer. The Environmental Working Group has an excellent database of safe sunscreens.

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Overall, use proper judgment with sun exposure. Seek shelter and plan an indoor workout on those days. Heat-related illnesses can create symptoms including fatigue, cramps, and edema. Without intervention, they can progress to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Athletes are especially susceptible to heat exhaustion.

Among the signs you might have heat-related problems include :. If you feel any of these symptoms, please refrain from physical activity, rest, and seek medical attention if necessary. Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition where your body temperature increases dramatically usually above degrees Fahrenheit along with central nervous system dysfunction. Symptoms of heat stroke include delirium, seizures, and coma. Classic heat stroke mostly occurs among immunocompromised people, whereas exertional heat stroke can occur among young fit people during strenuous physical activity in hot temperatures.

While everyone is at risk over-exerting themselves during intense heat, certain demographics besides athletes are more susceptible to heat-related illness including:. Fortunately, you can implement precautions to minimize or prevent these problems during your warm-weather workout. Among the strategies you can take to prevent heat-related problems include:. When you have any doubt, please be safe rather than sorry.

A swimming pool or ocean can make a cooler option for a full body workout when outdoor temperatures become high, but any kind of physical activity can increase body temperature and your risk for heat-related problems. Whenever you do it.

Summertime Fitness Tips: Optimize Your Warm Weather Workout Routine

At the same time, the outdoors can provide an amazing gym during the summertime. Find something that challenges you but also feels like fun. Download today on the App Store and Google Play! Hit enter to search or ESC to close.

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The Stair Climber The repeated action of climbing stairs is great for getting in shape. The Battle Ropes Battle ropes are a great summer workout that works your abs, back, glutes, and upper body.

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The Essentials Last, but certainly not least, are the basic everyday exercises you should implement into your weekly workout routine.