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Asher D. Matthew Cobb. Matthew McKenzie.

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Alexei J. Francis Crick. Bryan Sykes. Jonathan Pevsner.

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Next Generation Sequencing and its Applications

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Jonathan Pevsner. Tag-based Next Generation Sequencing: Tag-based sequencing approaches, originally designed to increase the throughput of capillary sequencing, developed into fundamentally new technologies by combination with Next Generation Sequencing NGS.

NGS allows for economic large scale sequencing projects in research and medicine. Today, Tag-based sequencing approaches and methods derived thereof are in particular suitable for analytical applications in transcript and genome analysis, where the focus shifts from 'sequencing power' to a wider range of applications, dedicated data analysis and data visualization for common users.

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It follows a real hands-on approach with protocols and user guides and is a perfect entry for scientists to the most common and important NGS experiments. Authors: High speed sequencing methods have rapidly changed life science and medical research.

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The possible applications by far exceed the commonly known genome sequencing. Therefore we intended to introduce a wide range of sequencing based technologies with our book. The book provides protocols and advice from experienced researchers in the field to guide beginners on how to conduct their own experiments using these important methods. Authors: Researchers in the medical and life science field, who are considering the use of sequencing based methods for their research.

Authors: Basic understanding of molecular biology technologies.

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