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Upcycled Candles. Glitter Bottles. Gift Card. The Cave Box Wine Club. The British and Australian divers had been approached for other projects.

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It is not frightening, not excessive, not filled with dramatic, emotion-milking trickery; instead it is an account of an extraordinary 18 days, in which acts of courage, kindness and humanity are performed almost matter of factly. In the first months of shooting, the government was still protecting its assets. Initially denied permission to shoot at the Tham Luong caves, Waller had to find other ways to tell the story.

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They shot in other caves, in other parts of Thailand — and got inventive too. The film takes the viewer through the caves with the divers and boys almost voyeuristically, recording what they said to each other; witnessing their exhaustion.

While he shied away from making it claustrophobic, Waller wanted to show the part of the story that had been unseen by the public: the journey through the caves. Warny, who plays himself, remembers those July days vividly.

Warny knew that the operation was high risk, that it was highly likely they would lose some of the boys on the way out. The boys and their young coach were to be given Xanax and then ketamine shots to keep them unconscious as they travelled through the 2.


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Too small a dose and the boy might wake up, panic and endanger everyone; too big a dose and he might not wake up at all. We were operating completely outside procedures. Rendering the kids unconscious inside the cave and then bringing them diving had never been done before. The film shows the coach Ekapol Chanthawong, 25 played by Ekawat Niratworapanya , waking up and opening his eyes as they slogged through the caves, and Warny — terrified — having to hastily inject more ketamine to knock him out again, fumbling with the needles in the muddy water.